New to Rail

Steps to developing a rail-served facility

1. Submit the Project Specifications Form

Submitting the Project Specifications Form provides Iowa Interstate Railroad with the information necessary to begin your project.

2. Site Evaluation

After reviewing the Project Questionnaire, IAIS’s Business Development Team will work to find a suitable building site for your rail-served facility.

IAIS will look at multiple criteria to find a site that fits your need. These criteria include the following:

    • Land Attributes – cost, zoning, & topography
    • Utility Infrastructure – capacity, reliability, & cost
    • Transportation Infrastructure – access to other modes of transportation
    • Business Development Groups – incentive programs from local business development groups and access to other state programs and incentives
    • Workforce – availability, skills, & cost

3. Rate Analysis

IAIS will work with you so there is a clear understanding of service rates, equipment availability and cost, and other associated costs.

4. Track Agreement

An Industrial Track Agreement is a document between the shipper and customer that, among other things, addresses the construction and ownership of track, assigns track maintenance responsibility, and allocates liability.

5. Construction

Once the Industrial Track Agreement is signed you are ready to begin construction of track for your rail-served location, using your qualified rail engineering consultant & rail contractor for your project. IAIS can provide you with a list of companies who are experienced with railroad construction projects.