IOWA INTERSTATE RAILROAD Connecting Iowa & Illinois to the world.
Access to all Class 1 Carriers.

Letter from the Chairman Read letter from Chairman As Chairman of the Iowa Interstate, it is my honor
to welcome you to the re-launch of our website.
While our website is refreshed and hopefully more
interesting and useful, nothing has changed about
our substance...

Slide View safety tips Safety is Iowa Interstate Railroad’s number one priority
and that is why we remain proactive and adamant in
reinforcing the importance of safety through training
and rules compliance. Our company is committed to
supporting employees’ efforts to operate our railroad free
of accidents and injuries. IAIS is committed to protecting
our employees, communities, and our customers’ goods.

Slide Why IAIS?

A Trusted Railroad Partner
IAIS is committed to serving our customers, employees, and neighboring
communities by operating a Safe, Efficient, and Environmentally Friendly
railroad network. Please take a moment to review our latest promotional
video for a summary of why IAIS is a railroad partner you can trust.

Slide System details System Overview Iowa Interstate Railroad offers its customers choices no
other railroad can. We access all US Class 1 carriers, giving our
customers the ability to reach every market in the world.
We have year round, ice-free, access to the Illinois River at
Peoria, IL, as well as access to the Mississippi River at Rock Island, IL.

Slide Iowa Interstate Railroad’s Intermodal Team gives
our customers another transportation solution.
Providing the flexibility to ship by rail, truck, or ship.
Intermodal Ship intermodal

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Iowa Interstate Railroad
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Slide Learn more At Iowa Interstate Railroad, we understand the importance of protecting
our environment for now and future generations to come. We provide the
most environmentally sound way to move freight over land.
Our Green Commitment