Our Sustainability Depends On Your Success

As a regional carrier, almost all of our business faces competition from other transportation providers. We welcome opportunities to assure our business continuity and growth that depend on how well we meet your logistic needs.  We can help grow your business. Our typical experience with new clients includes as follows:

  • Identifying optimal site options, including transload sites for transportation of goods
  • Providing preliminary engineering assistance and site layout plans
  • Presenting service design plans to meet your needs
  • Utilizing economic development resources to furnish cost-effective solutions

With unique access to all Class 1 carriers, IAIS customers can access the North American and export market of their choosing leverage this access to obtain the most competitive freight rates.

Customer benefits flowing from IAIS service includes as follows:

  • Quality and timely service
  • Decisions made quickly and logically at a local level
  • Competitive costs