Chris Urban Retires

chrisOn March 31, veteran railroader Chris Urban retired from the Company. Chris’ railroad career spans 48 years with six railroads: Milwaukee Road, Soo Line, BN, Wisconsin Central, CN, and the Iowa Interstate. As Director of Safety Rules and Training, Chris updated our safety rule books, timetables, and GCOR books. But Chris’ main and lasting contributions were in conducting training classes, especially those for new train service employees. Chris’ hands-on style in combining classroom training with field exercises has set the next generation of railroaders on the solid path of safety. Chris has trained over two thousand individuals who remember well his impact on their lives. Merci and bon chance, Chris.


Commitment to Safety

As the Company upholds its commitment to safety, it is only through each and every one of our employees’ efforts that we protect the public and assure we all return home intact. Although safety is an integral part of everyone’s job, we would like to specifically recognize Adam Haynie and Zach Larue this month for their recent conscientiousness in reporting a rough spot while driving their train on March 20. Our MOW crews speedily fixed the issue.

Adam and Zach join a number of their colleagues for excellent, professional performance. They are part of a select cadre that lead our safety efforts by example.